Why Is There No Instinctive Love Between Us?

294.4Question: Can we assume that the instinctive love for children that nature instills in us can be used as an example of our relationship to other people?

Answer: It would, of course, be wonderful. This is what the science of Kabbalah calls for: a person should treat everyone as his family because the whole world is one family. But we are still far from that.

Question: Do you think that the family unit was created by nature in order for a person to receive at least some example of the instinctive love that is inherent in us and then he or she could go through life with this example?

Answer: In principle, in the beginning, the family was a unit in which several generations lived together in close connection with each other. This was how nature intended if man, with his or her egoism, which is constantly developing in him or her, did not break this connection and did not build something from the original good family unit that turned into mutual enmity and hatred.

We see that such examples are already embedded in us. Cain and Abel, although brothers, had enmity toward each other. In this example humanity shows how deep and kind family ties can produce a completely opposite result.

Question: Why is there no instinctive love between spouses? Then the family would be stronger and the upbringing would be better.

Answer: Because people feel a huge gap between themselves. They have a desire for each other based only on the sexual instinct. Therefore, one should not associate the reproductive instinct with the instinct of attraction. These are completely different levels of relationships.

Question: But why didn’t nature create such an instinctive love between partners as the love of parents for a child?

Answer: In order for us to create it ourselves. We must constantly learn this.

And our instinctive love for children is very weak. We also need to develop it and talk about it all the time. There should be normal examples around us. Unfortunately, this is not in man. Everything is suppressed by our personal egoism.
From KabTV’s “The Post-Coronavirus Era” 5/21/20

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