The Key To The Lock

117Usually, we communicate not through similar properties but precisely where we are opposite to each other. This is how the pieces of a puzzle are connected: there is a notch in one, there is exactly the same protrusion in the other, and then each goes inside the other attaching the minus to the plus and the plus to the minus. Only in this form is the connection possible.

Therefore, where I see a minus in a friend, I come there with my plus. And where I see a plus in a friend, I should see my minus. It turns out that it is good for us that the Creator awakens opposite qualities in us. You don’t need to change them; you just need to ask everyone to connect them together. This is the only thing that is missing, and you don’t need to change anyone.

Let all the pluses and minuses gather into one another like a key in a lock. It will become a life force for us. We will be able to understand what connection is, what an electron, a proton, a neutron, and other particles are.

There are more than four hundred different particles in an atom. Why are there so many? Isn’t just plus and minus enough? No, this is not enough. There must be many other particles around them with all sorts of properties in order to support the combination of pros and cons and bring them together into one atom.

From this, we will understand what physicists still lack to understand how matter works.

We rise above our understanding and feeling because the main thing is connection, as it is said: “Love will cover all crimes.” A friend has a minus, I have a plus, or vice versa, he has a surplus and I have a deficiency, no matter what kind, the main thing is that there is love, that we are united in a common goal, that we strive for the Creator who will reign between us.

Inside, there is a common minus one against the other, but outside, the Creator covers us with His veil, the power of unity.

We should not act like children who cut the corners of a puzzle with scissors hoping that it will be easier to assemble it. He will not be able to connect at all like that. And you cannot try to force the wrong pieces of the puzzle into each other. We must understand that all the properties created in us by the Creator are one hundred percent correct. We are absolutely perfect. We just need to find out the correct connection between us and ask the Creator to make it happen.

We find out the deficiency between us, that is, in what we cannot connect, our common minus, which is the fact that no one can connect to the other. And then we call for help from the Creator who comes and fills us with his power of bestowal, complements Malchut with Bina, and then everything works out.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 9/10/20, “The Law of the Arvut (Mutual Guarantee)”

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