The Illness Is Clear: It’s Time to Treat It

Dr. Michael LaitmanSoon, we will encounter resistance around the world. So far, we are not very noticeable, but resistance is awaiting us in the future. After all, the world does not understand that evil becomes revealed so that we would rise above it.

The world simply wants to eliminate this evil, while we, conversely, have to correct it. As it is said: “The greatest hero is the one who turns his hater to a friend.” Then, the serpent, the angel of death, becomes a holy angel.

For this reason we must have a creative attitude toward all the difficulties and opposition, searching for an opportunity to use them to build bestowal and eternal life. The entire difference between a broken world and a corrected one lies in the way we use our desire. We only need to change the intention from egoistic to altruistic.

We have to explain this to everyone by showing the essence of the breaking or, speaking in the modern language, the essence of the crisis. It is exclusively about the revelation of the evil of our nature. It can only be corrected by rising above the egoistic use of desires toward love. This is the only place where we have freedom of will, whereas people are completely not free in all other aspects.

The more consistent we are, the more confident and serious we will be, and the quicker we will understand that we are in the war of the Creator and Amalek that happens in all generations. Amalek is the entire essence of evil, our egoism, its true essence. The war happens “in all generations,” which means that it happens on every stage of our existence, from one reincarnation to another.

This is why it is very important to collect scientific data about the crisis from around the world. Scientists have nothing to do with Kabbalah, and we present the results of their studies that state that the crisis is essentially the result of human egoism. Only unity can serve as a remedy for this illness, the unity of all of us above egoism.

We will use accessible language to explain to the world the Kabbalistic view of the state of the affliction and the healthy state. Then, the only thing left will be to “prescribe the medication,” to complete the intermediary link. Mark the illness with the minus sign and the corrected state with the plus sign.

The problem is that people do not know what the solution is. To them, the remedy is a big question mark.

The Illness Is Clear. It’s Time to Treat It

Today, it already is clear that our ego is the cause of the illness and that our recovery is connected to bestowal. So, when will we be able to come out of the crisis? It will be once we unite. Thus, our objective is to attain a mutual guarantee so that all of us would be soldered into one.

However, the world is avoiding this solution because egoism does not desire unity. It will not leave us until we start suffocating. It must be like this in order to bring us directly to the goal: the need to unite. Egoism keeps revealing its evil to us until it really becomes unbearable to us. Only then will we be able to escape our ego toward the quality of bestowal and then turn actual egoism into bestowal.
From Lesson 3, the Germany Convention 8/6/2011

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  1. Please clarify the meaning of this this sentence:
    “The greatest hero is the one who turns his hater to a friend”.

    Does this mean: to realize, when one receives hatred from someone, not to connect with that hatred but leave it untouched so that it returns to the sender?

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