Egoism: A True Guide To Better Future

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe origins of our spiritual path lie in the breaking. We must regard our egoism, the alienation and hatred between us, as the right preliminary foundation for correction.

When Rabbi Akiva saw barren ground in place of the Temple, he laughed and rejoiced. He was the wisest man of his generation, a great Kabbalist. He was asked how he could rejoice at the collapse of sanctity as the aspiration for bestowal had been vanquished, and the principle of love thy neighbor as thyself had been desecrated. Could the collapse of all hopes really be a reason for joy?

He responded: “I have never believed, never known, and never felt that we will be able to attain the general correction. But now, once our spiritual structure has been destroyed, once the love that reigned among us has been broken, and the people have fallen into unfounded hatred, I am convinced that this final breaking will lead to our general correction, complete redemption.”

This is why everything that is being revealed to us every moment of our lives is the breaking we will need to correct. No matter what happens to me, from the core issues of life to insignificant things in the family or at work, in all that happens within me, with my well-being, relationships with relatives, friends, people, and the world, in all of reality, everything only becomes revealed for the purpose of correction.

Every time, a new image is sketched before me that delves deeper into my egoism. In this image, I must see the result of the constant influence of the Light that essentially, activates increasingly deeper layers within me.

We perceive the world in our ego, and this is why we need to correct it. So, what is this correction? It brings unity to people. Especially now, when the entire world is beginning to realize the evil of the current state, we help them feel and understand that “evil” is our evil inclination.

Our egoism is the cause of everything bad. We see this in the things that are happening. Unable to bring the world to order, people are destroying it, ruining themselves, breaking relationships, and destroying nature. We are unable to move toward goodness and make a good life with the evil that is concealed in us.

The crisis is becoming more acute every day. In other words, we are discovering that our egoism is destroying everything and is not letting us normalize, balance, and improve our lives. On the other hand, we must understand that it is guiding us forward the right way and helps us head toward correction and goodness. It’s similar to how a manifested illness shows us how to treat it.

As we realize this, we must be grateful to our egoism and love it for showing us the place that needs correction. It is written that Pharaoh brought the sons of Israel closer to the Creator. He began to pressure them, and at the end, they had to escape Egypt. Otherwise, they would have stayed there.

This is why it is written: “Come unto Pharaoh for I have hardened his heart.” There are two opposites here, and we must not forget about it. No matter the evil that you encounter, instead of destroying it, you need to correct it.
From Lesson 3, the Germany Convention 8/6/2011

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    We need to know more about how we can correct the revealed breakings the faster way

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