The Germans Of The Laws Of Moses, Part 7

268.01The Futile Attempts of Baal HaSulam

Question: Before the Holocaust, there was a special discord among Jews of different countries. The revisionists did not get along with the Jewish Agency, neither did the German Jews with the Eastern European Jewry, nor the atheists with the Communists, etc.

Rabbi Meir Simcha Cohen of Dvinsk wrote:”They think that Berlin is Jerusalem…from there will come the storm winds that will uproot them.”

It is known that the great Kabbalist, Baal HaSulam, wanted to take the Jews out of Poland. How did he try to accomplish it?

Answer: As a native of Poland, he traveled there from Israel and spoke to Polish Jews, trying to persuade them to leave the country. But when he realized that this was impossible, he returned. Poland, at that time was a Catholic, anti-Semitic country. Although Polish people understood Jews and had cohabitated for many centuries, it did not matter. In addition, the Polish Jews themselves were not ready to listen to Baal HaSulam.

Moreover, Baal HaSulam tried to bring the Jews out in the 1920s but they boycotted him, and he was forced to leave Poland.

Question: So back in the 1920s, he already knew that Holocaust was nearing?

Answer: Sure. In addition to him, there were several other major religious authorities who called for leaving Europe, but they did not listen to them. Usually a Jew would go to his synagogue and consult with his Rabbi who would calm him down.

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From KabTV’s “Systematic Analysis of the Development of the People of Israel” 8/12/19

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