Modern Society And The Family

531.02Question: Today, people don’t want to feel bound. They want to move freely around the world, to satisfy their monetary desires. The development of technology allows the artificial creation of children, so there is no need for marriage. Everyone can satisfy their economic and sexual needs outside of the family.

Can it be that the family as the basic foundation for the development of relations between people will disappear? Or will a person be forced to look for some additional values to support the family?

Answer: The fact is that in all generations the family has been based on necessity. In order to provide a person with a normal retirement, he had to have a family, children, so that later, when he became sick, a feeble old man, they would take care of him until death. This was what kept the family together since a person could not survive alone.

And with the emergence of such a high-tech, developed society as today, we seem to have no need for this. I can provide myself with anything, everything, and I need nothing. Therefore, I do not care about having a family, but about being able to buy all the necessary services. This is what we came to in the twentieth century.

Of course, this is not a good thing because it does not replace good relations with each other. But little remains of the past good relationships because we are busy developing our egoism.

This has affected the relationship between spouses and parents with children. Nursing homes and kindergartens appeared, anything to throw off the yoke of caring for children, parents, and the elderly.

Remark: Unfortunately, society does not teach us the correct relationships in the family, does not explain the difference between the sexes, or the purpose of the family. Therefore, it is very difficult to keep the family from falling apart.

My Comment: As a result, society gets back what it could not give in the upbringing of the young. We have entered a state where our egoism is in urgent need of reformation.
From KabTV’s “The Post-Coronavirus Era” 5/21/20

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