Team Building Guide, Part 12

laitman_530A Team Is a Network of Connection

Question: Many psychologists say that a team is a super-organism, a separate living entity. This is a connection network where the team itself is more than the sum of individuals.

Do team members have to come to this feeling themselves? Or is it not an artificially created organization, but a natural model? If we correctly connect to its field, like we connect to the Internet, then the team is a guide.

Answer: If we are correctly integrated with the team, it begins to affect us as a completely separate external upper force. Although it is created by us and we interact in it because we cultivate unity in it, it becomes above us and influences us.

Question: Does this mean that the team itself is a conductor for reaching some more elevated goal?

Answer: For reaching the next level of connection.

Question: What do people begin to feel through this team? Is it some kind of information field, a force?

Answer: A single force that unites them, which carries new information from a new level of nature because it is the force of connection, which does not exist in ordinary human society.
From KabTV’s “Management Skills” 6/18/20

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