Feel The World Through Others

101Question: From your point of view, is there such a thing as an objective opinion? Or is it always subjective?

Answer: Yes, opinions are always subjective. But if we change ourselves, then in this way we will change our opinion and the world we are in.

Question: Do you know any techniques that allow you to read a person’s mind? Do you think this is possible?

Answer: This is possible only if I can really work on myself in such a way that, as it were, I become a different person. That is, when I contact him, I transfer myself to his state, or as if copying it onto myself, and thus I can determine his thoughts and desires.

But this is not an easy job. To do this, I must constantly annul myself before him and try to really put on him. In this case, I no longer read his mind, but my own. Putting on the other, accepting him as something better than myself, I begin to feel the world as if through him.
From KabTV’s “The Post-Coronavirus Era” 5/7/20

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