When There Is No Strength To Go By Faith Above Reason

laitman_260.01Question: If I see that I have no strength to go by faith above reason, what should I do?

Answer: Ask to get the strength.

Remark: Yes, but the answer does not always come. This is also a system, after all.

My Comment: It doesn’t matter. You should ask all the time.

Question: Let’s discuss a specific situation: a friend brings me an envelope in which I see one dollar instead of a $1,000. What should I do? Ask him to give me $999 back? Or what?

Answer: That is your business.

Question: It is clear that if I ask the Creator and get the strength to go by faith above reason, then everything is according to plan. And if not?

Answer: Nothing will happen until you receive an answer from the Creator.

Question: So, everything works this way: I cannot accept this until the Creator gives me the strength?

Answer: And who has given you one dollar back?

Question: If there is none else besides Him, then the Creator. In principle, it turns out that this is a game with the Creator is it not? But you still have to see it?

Answer: If you see it, this whole effect disappears. To see means already within reason and not by faith above reason.

Question: Indeed, this is already faith within reason. Does it mean that I do not want to see it on purpose?

Answer: Of course.

Remark: Yes, but in fact, we don’t do such exercises.

My Comment: Everyone does, to the extent that it is given to him from above.

Question: It is very difficult to find during the day that you have such opportunities. I took a concrete example, which is more or less clear. But when you are in a lesson, there are no such conditions there. After the lesson, you go to work. Where can we find such exercises?

Answer: Dissemination is very important. If a person is engaged in the dissemination of this knowledge at any level, then it covers his personal spiritual work. The Creator will take care of it. The main thing is that a person spreads the name of the Creator in the world, a real approach to Him.

Question: How does this relate to my spiritual condition? Let’s say, in a couple of hours I have to give a lecture. Of course, I will tell the students who the Creator is, the history of the development of the desires, etc.

Answer: If you tell them with all your heart to spread the name of the Creator throughout the world, then it covers all your personal spiritual work. The Creator will take care of it. You will take care of Him, and He will take care of you.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 4/1/19

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