Seeds Of Exile, Part 7

laitman_538The Inner Root of the Jewish People

Remark: There is a joke about a person who lands on a lost island and finds one Jew there. The Jew shows him his possessions, including two synagogues. The man asks him: “Why do you need two synagogues?”—”In one I pray, but I am never setting foot in the other.”

Basically, such relationships accompany us throughout the history of development.

My Comment: This speaks of the inner root of the Jewish people, which consists of two parts: biological and spiritual.

If, according to the spiritual part, the people should unite, then according to the biological part, one feels rejection from everyone else. They are not his blood brothers and have nothing to do with him on all earthly levels—only on the spiritual one. The spiritual level must be achieved because it is broken, the opposite of the material level.

Naturally in these people there is absolute distance from each other. And only mutual hatred of the peoples of the world keeps the Jews in some framework so that they do not scatter and are not completely assimilated among the peoples of the world. Therefore, thanks to their haters, the Jews still somehow stick together.
From KabTV’s “Systematic Analysis of the Development of the People of Israel,” 8/7/19

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