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Try to imagine all of the still-vegetative-inanimate, existing in egoism, found on the 1st floor of the universe, in the nature of this world; while a person who attains the spiritual forces of bestowal and connection is found on the 2nd floor—where the Creator is revealed to him.
A man cannot correct his #egoism!

But when he empathizes with what he sees, wants no problems to befall the society—there will not be any. I need a society that I will envy, because by virtue of this envy I will be able to rise to its degree. If I can use envy in the right way, then with its help I will draw the upper light and it will elevate me to the degree of the friends. This is a real miracle!

If we look at the friends and see that they are greater than we are, then we will definitely grow as well. I need a society of many people, comprised of individuals who are great in my eyes. so I will see myself as the least of them all. Then I am guaranteed #spiritual progress.

All of our work till the end of correction is to attain an ever-greater degree of faith above reason. Altogether there are 125 degrees that we must ascend so that each time, our force of bestowal, called faith, will be greater than the force of reception, called reason. #kabbalah

On the degree of FAITH ABOVE REASON, the ruler is not me with my desires, feelings and mind, but only the Creator. This is a degree above me, where “There is none else besides the Creator, the good and does good,” the degree of faith.
“I believe”—I acquire the quality of bestowal, Bina, and accept the Creator’s authority.

Faith above reason is a spiritual degree that we must build above our degree of “reason.” Reason is rational logic, egoistic desire, the human mind, with which we operate by the principle, “a judge operates only by what his eyes see”—that is, what the 5 senses feel.

The feeling of constant failure leads a person to cease to think and ask for himself, and to start to ask—to really ask, the Creator, and not for himself, but for others, wishing to forget about himself and his failures. That is how he gradually reaches the quality of bestowal, try it!

The #coronavirus forbids us from being physically close to one another, demonstrating how our #egoism separates us from each other. It appears that the virus won’t leave us until we correct our inter-relationships from egoistic to #altruistic.  Time will tell.
From Twitter, 5/21/20

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