My Thoughts On Twitter 5/17/20

Dr Michael Laitman TwitterIt will gradually become clear that there is no regular solution to the crisis by returning to the prior economic structure. We must rather create a new economy, with a new solution to inequality issues. Not patching up the old, but creating a new society, economy, relationships. Side by side with upbringing!

There is a need for the nations of the world to reveal the Creator. This will happen when the nation of #Israel reveals #Kabbalah to the nations of the world. From it, knowledge of the Creator will become clear to everyone. (Baal HaSulam, “Messiah’s Horn”)

Blows of nature separate us from activities that oppose spiritual development, to which egoism pushes us. We will return only to the necessary jobs. We shouldn’t try to restore ALL of the previous businesses. They are dying out. The Creator desires unity, in order to reveal His light within it.

The blow that comes from #nature is aimed at cutting us off from all unnecessary jobs, and thereby cleansing the environment. It frees society from unnecessary activities and thoughts, freeing us for what nature wishes—our spiritual development.
From Twitter, 5/17/20

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