Kabbalah Is Not A Religion, But A Science

laitman_214Comment: Many people look at Kabbalah as a religion. Others consider it a sect.

My Response: This means that they simply do not know anything about Kabbalah. Kabbalah is a science, not a religion. First, anyone and everyone can study it regardless of their origin. My students, who are representatives of different nations, live on all continents. If you take a look at our morning lesson, you will see people of all nationalities.

Secondly, Kabbalah does not force a person to perform any religious actions. Kabbalists have no fetishes, sacred objects, or rites. It is simply the attainment of a higher sphere of our world and nothing else. Nothing else!

When you comprehend it, you begin to feel eternity, perfection, the mutual inclusion of all in everything. You begin to change your worldview, your attitude to the world. This methodology shapes you, it makes you a different person.
From KabTV’s program “Meetings with Kabbalah: Victoria Bonya,” 3/29/20

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