Does Matter Exist?

laitman_746.01Remark: If we conduct a comparative analysis of the spiritual and the material world, then the spiritual world has always existed, but matter did not always exist. It was created from nothing at some point in time.

My Comment: There is no such thing as matter. Matter is what is given to us in our sensations, but in itself, it does not exist. After all, everything that we see and feel exists in our sensations and nothing more.

It is the desire that perceives something. This “something” is matter. It may be material, it may be spiritual, but this feeling is in the desire.

Perception in the desire to receive for oneself is called material matter. Perception in the desire to give, to fill, to bring joy to someone, is called spiritual matter.

Remark: In principle, scientists also say that our world of matter is an illusion and exists in our sensations only.

Even during experiments when a person looks at particles, one sees them in the form of electrons, etc. In the absence of man’s eye, i.e., when the research is not disturbed by human desires, feelings, and sensations, they take the form of energy and force.

My Comment: Yes. Everything is only in our sensations.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 6/10/19

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