Man Is Born From Inanimate Nature

risecreation Why were the five worlds, Partzufim, and Sefirot created with an infinite number of unique details? The Light of the World of Infinity needs to clothe into this whole system. It weakens, dividing into many degrees with various combinations and unifications, so as to influence the desire to receive pleasure, which on its own is nothing more than the material of desire. In other words, in and of itself, matter has no form; rather, all its forms are imprints of Light.

The Light determines the entire program of the development of matter, separating it into parts and providing different forms, such as masculine and feminine, high and low, as well as various colors and numerous qualities. Inherently, the matter of desire is homogeneous; all the changes on it are performed by the Upper Light. It is similar to genes that determine the entire development of an organism. Thus, due to the Light’s influence, parts having completely opposite qualities emerge from homogeneous matter and supplement one another.

The most important division in matter performed by the Light is the separation into male and female parts (a positive and a negative), which enables these parts of matter to unite with each other and conceive life within matter. This becomes possible because the separation that occurs in matter gives rise to an equivalence of the Creator and the creature arises within the matter itself. When the male and female parts unite, it gives meaning to the notions “the Creator” and “the creature.” A model emerges within and a person begins to think about it.

A person’s inner structure changes so that he comes to include all the parts that are present in the Creator, starting from all the parts that the creature has in relation to the Creator, and which exist as His opposite. And then one begins working with the third (middle) line, which means that from these two systems existing inside a person, one works to become similar to the Creator according to the person’s own free choice.

The Light that comes through the five worlds and works on matter creates this entire development. There is nothing within inanimate matter itself, since it is incapable of performing a single action on its own. Hence, from the start, we need to create the ability in it to feel and react to all the qualities that are contained in the Light.

We don’t understand the work that the Creator performs on our primary material (Homer ha-Yuli). The Light (the Creator’s influence) needs to go precisely through the whole system of worlds in order to create complete equivalence to the Creator from shapeless and unfit material.

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