How Can A Corporeal Group Influence Spirituality?

laitman_942Question: How can an absolutely corporeal, physical group affect spirituality, my intention, and light?

Answer: A group is not a physical or corporeal substance. A group is a connection between people, which in itself is already spiritual if it is built on the property of bestowal.

If people strive for the property of bestowal, for mutual connection, so that the Creator is revealed between them, then this is not corporeal. We are going to complete spiritual actions together, to be in the likeness of the Creator, in the property of bestowal, and then we will feel the property of the Creator between us, we will reveal Him. Therefore, our aspirations and connections are not corporeal.

In principle, the idea is very simple. Moreover, we already understand how it should be and how to implement it. I hope that we will achieve this.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah” 2/16/20

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