Egoistic People Create an Egoistic World

Dr. Michael LaitmanFrom My Facebook Page Michael Laitman 4/14/20

There seems to be general agreement that COVID-19 has taught us a lesson in humility. It taught us that our self-centered approach toward the world is unacceptable. The coronavirus separated us, forced social distancing on us and told us to #StayHome. It did that because we built a world that is based on egocentric relationships. We can’t complain about the “gifts” that the world sends us when we have created the world in our own image: selfish to the core.

If we want a different world, we must be different, first. Since we build the world in our own image, it is we who must change, and the world we will build will be equally different. The better we become, the more caring and considerate we teach ourselves to be, the more care and concern will spread through the world. It is in our hands, and it is our choice.

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