What Protects A Person On The Spiritual Path?

laitman_963.8Question: Isn’t it dangerous for a person who is in a state of unconditional love to be in society? If a person does not have a sense of anger, he cannot protect himself. After all, our society involves using each other for one’s own purposes.

Answer: This is somewhat true. All over the world, there is a terrible development of hatred, absolute rejection of people from each other. A person must always defend himself or be ready to attack.

However, the fact is that when we talk about love, there are two remarkable qualities in it.

Firstly, we are developing the quality of love only for our friends in the group with whom we are going to create a common system called “soul.” In this system, ten people participate by working only on developing connection among each other. The rest of the people do not concern them, and they do not touch others.

Do not think that this is an egoistic action. You just cannot succeed otherwise. Our soul consists of such tens, which are then connected to each other into the larger states.

Secondly, when you connect through your work in the ten, a certain protective field appears around you, which does not let any vermin come near you, they are all repelled from you. You are not afraid of anything. You know that you are in a spiritual state that rejects all evil, and therefore, there is nothing to fear.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,”12/29/19

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