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When a person feels insignificant, and egoism has no power over him—he can then enter the upper world. The importance of the spiritual work is measured by the sensation of descent. Because the Creator hates egoism.

Baal HaSulam: Direct all your thoughts to the Creator. Don’t do anything that does not bring you closer to Him. Hence all actions must be for the benefit of others. That is how you will reach equivalence with Him just as all of the Creator’s actions are for the good of the creatures, so should you imitate Him. You will thereby attain adhesion with Him!

Baal HaSulam: Just as the Creator doesn’t think about Himself, whether He exists or not, so one wishing to attain equivalence with the Creator mustn’t think about himself, because it is precisely in thoughts of himself that he separates from the Creator and will not reach closeness with Him and His revelation.

One who wishes to reveal life must develop his point in the heart. It is present in every person, but does not shine. This is an embryo of the quality of bestowal, the soul.But it is in the “dust”—that is, a person does not have any regard for it. One must pay great attention to develop it till the soul appears in it.

After the breaking of the soul, its broken parts, we, the creatures, are considered dead—wishing to receive only for ourselves, and therefore separated from the Creator. And only the point in the heart, a record of the reflected light, which has remained of the will to bestow supports an opportunity in us to revive ourselves.

When a person is born, the embryo of the soul called “the point” appears in him. It is found in a person’s desire, called “Heart.” Therefore the aspiration to the Creator is called “the point in the heart.”
From Twitter, 2/19/20

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