My Friends In My Heart

laitman_259.02We can imagine what the prayer to the Creator should consist of. We can discuss it in general. But why is it so difficult to utter these words that address Him? I have to feel myself, and myself as a part of the group, see their contribution, and the impression of the Creator that I receive through them. I gather all these impressions inside, and use them to turn to the Creator through the ten.

I have to put it all through my heart. Whenever the heart is unable to do the work, I help with my mind, my thoughts. It is best for it to be the work of the heart, for the mind to merely support the heart when I cannot feel my mind at all, working exclusively with the senses.

This is how we must work throughout the day, every day, gathering inspiration from all the friends. I do not even need to physically meet with them for that. My friends are in my heart, and I exert effort to feel them, become inspired, and feel the Creator, common to us all, within such inspiration. With this inspiration from the Creator that I receive through my friends, I pass the prayer back to Him, MAN, also through my friends. This is the circle of our work.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 1/29/20, “Bestow Contentment to the Creator”

Minute 51:50

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