Building The Future Society, Part 11

laitman_294.4Outlines of the Future Society

Baal HaSulam, “Building the Future Society, Chapter 3, Item 10: Tokens of due honors should be imparted according to the religion; the greater benefit one contributes to society, the higher decoration one shall receive.

Naturally, others should be encouraged. I have to take and hang medals on my chest so that those people who are still more interested in honor than in loving their neighbors, then via honor, they will be drawn to love others.

Though not everyone is obligated to engage in spirituality but only special people, depending on the needs. Let’s say the Bnei Baruch group of all the millions of people, and the world group of all the billions of people. I do not think that this can be more than a hundredth of a percent of the total population of the Earth.

Just like there are people who engage in science and there are those who use all scientific achievements in practice. It depends on the person, one’s inclinations and desires.

There will be a sort of high-court. Those who will want to dedicate their labor for spiritual life will be permitted to do so by this court.

Everything will be determined by the upper governance because there are many who desire as it is today, for example, in universities. Many people want to be scientists, but not everyone can become one, and therefore strict selection is carried out.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah.” 2/7/19

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