Building The Future Society, Part 10

laitman_293Under the Slogan of Love

Question: 98% of people believe in God, and they all say that God is love. On the other hand, we see that for hundreds of thousands of years, people have been killing each other in the millions. Why do we physically destroy each other while believing that God is love?

Answer: One does not apply to the other. People just say, “God is love,” just like a child repeats.

Remark: But there are people who devote their entire lives to the Creator.

My Comment: At the same time, they destroy each other, fight in the name of the Creator. There are such theories that by killing another, you give him paradise, as you deprive him of his sinful life.

Look at what people are capable of: going to death, blowing themselves up next to other people, and all in the name of a higher power.

Question: All the same, it comes from one force, there is nothing but it. So is the fact that people behave this way an evolutionary process?

Answer: This is a correction process.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 2/7/19

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