Blitz Of Kabbalah Tips – 12/29/19

laitman_963.6Question: I have been studying with you for a few years and my understanding of Kabbalistic terms is constantly changing. Apparently the word “hatred” is also a Kabbalistic term. How does this notion change for a person as one develops spiritually?

Answer: Usually, the term “rejection” is used in Kabbalah. That is, it is not the feeling of hatred itself but its reaction, its action.

Question: Is our goal to reach the Creator, who is love?

Answer: The purpose of our development is to reach the Creator or universal love, which are the same.

Question: Why does a loving Creator awaken terrible hatred, anger, and rage in me toward Him?

Answer: It is in order for you to resist these feelings, to overcome them, and bring yourself to the state of absolute love.

Question: Do love and hatred correspond to the pillars of mercy and justice?

Answer: No. Mercy and justice and hatred and love are very different categories; later we will later learn how to put together and thereby develop our soul. That is, we will learn to add a bit of hatred, a bit of love, a bit of every feeling depending on the circumstances, in particular combinations.

Question: It follows from the method of Kabbalah that a person cannot reveal the Creator on a deserted island? He has no one to love or hate.

Answer: Of course, one cannot. One person alone is not a man.

Question: Can one love others without love for oneself?

Answer: No, it is impossible. You can love others only when you love yourself.

Question: Can it be said that the transition from self-love to love in a ten is empathy or projection?

Answer: No. There is no need for these definitions.. They provide nothing. You will get confused with them and think we understand each other. No such words exist in Kabbalah.

Question: Who is “the other”: a single person, a ten, or the entire world?

Answer: “The other” is the ten, no less. Preferably ten.

Question: We speak about two opposites, love and hatred, all the time. Is there an intermediate, middle state where we have freedom?

Answer: Freedom is precisely between love and hatred. This is a so-called the middle part of the Sefira Tifferet.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 12/29/19

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