The Measure Of My Integration With The Friends

laitman_617If my connection with the Creator can only be through the group, then what is a person’s work regarding the Creator, with respect to “the place”? After all, it is said that the work is divided into two stages: the work relative to the friend and relative to the Creator (the place). “The place” is the ten. First, I must connect with all the friends, and to that extent I can connect with the “place.” There is no Creator without the “place” of our connection, there is no light without the vessel. The place is built from my connection with the ten; otherwise, there is no place, there is no Creator.

The work of a person with the Creator above reason begins only after one has done the work between oneself and the friend within reason. After all, by connecting with the friend, I recreate the common soul, a part of Adam HaRishon. In essence, this is how we reveal the entire soul of Adam HaRishon but on a very small scale, in a billion-fold reduction. But this is already real as if I am looking at the map of the whole world but a very small one. Later, the map will be enlarged, but the reality will not change.

Therefore, we need to reach connection with the friends within reason: wanting to connect with them, love them, support them—within reason. This shows a map of reality that must be in our hands, the structure of the soul given to us by the Creator to work on.

Yet, with respect to the Creator, we always work above reason because He is above our Kelim, our perception. We do not know Him, but reveal Him according to our reactions to His influence. The revelation of the Creator happens within the vessel, “Come and see,” as a result of our work with each other within reason.

The work on our connection must be clear and defined, within reason; but with respect to the Creator, we remain above reason because there is always a component unknown to us, which is above us. We do not know the intention of the upper one, His bestowal, the program of the Creator, but we must always accept it with joy, above our desire.

The Creator includes in Himself the whole light of infinity, the whole corrected Kli, and each time we move from state to state, we reveal that it is opposite to all our previous ideas. Therefore, this cannot be an ordinary advancement but always above reason. Through the preliminary work between us, we prepare ourselves to accept things that are opposite to our nature.1

When will my stony heart agree that it is a must to connect with the friends? Only after many breakdowns and disappointments when I am certain that life will end and I will die the same animal I am now without achieving anything if I do not annul myself before the friends. A person goes through several such inner shatterings and crises, and eventually gives up and agrees to do whatever is needed.

This is the organization from above. There are people with an enormous egoistic desire, very stubborn, and they cannot comprehend this no matter how much they hear or read about it, or how long they are in the group. They even talk about connection between friends, but do not carry it out. It is one thing to discuss and explain it to others, but it is another thing to feel that this is really how it should be, to feel the desire to nullify before the friends. Not just to accept the inevitable but to want this to happen.

I see that it is very good that everything in nature is arranged this way. Then I already soften up and begin to understand and forgive more and participate more in the common work. However, this comes only after many shatterings, inner cries, sleepless nights, and many years of the upper light working on the will to receive of a person.2

To nullify before the friends means to ask for others while not wanting anything for myself so that only they would receive everything. This will be my fulfillment. After all, I am inside them, I worry about them, and therefore, I ask for them, and only that way can I be fulfilled. This is the measure of my integration with the friends.3
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/29/19, Writings of Rabash, “Concerning Above Reason”
1 Minute 1:02:10 – 1:16:20
2 Minute 1:04:58
3 Minute 1:11:10

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