The Jewish Choice: Unity Or Anti-Semitism—Anti-Semitism Above Nature

Dr Michael LaitmanThroughout the period of the last exile, the people of Israel had no awareness of their spiritual mission. We do not see such signs in the statements of Jewish philosophers and thinkers. The wisdom of Kabbalah was greatly concealed. It was a preparatory period: now with more inner or surrounding light, and afterward less, and accordingly, humanity was drawn to one direction, and afterward to the other.

It was a time when we had to find out our attitude to religions, check at what price we were willing to sell ordinary, corporeal Judaism and leave our faith. The human soul consists of four levels: inanimate, vegetative, animate, and human; all these levels also need to be scrutinized.

Therefore, the matter did not reach the wisdom of Kabbalah and our duty to humanity,  the revelation that we have a higher mission than the simple traditional fulfillment of the commandments.

This was a period of scrutiny that continues today. Until recently, people in America thought that the modern emancipation and assimilation of Jews would help them dissolve into American society. It really seemed that it was possible to do this: there was almost no pressure or outright anti-Semitism. If there was some rejection, it was very intelligent and hidden.

Many Jews in America, as they once did in Germany, thought that anti-Semitism could be eliminated by even greater assimilation in American society because the problem is caused by the fact that the Jews are not sufficiently dissolved in Americans. It turns out that 3,500 years ago in the time of Abraham, the nation of Israel emerged from all the nations, from Ancient Babylon, and today, being in modern Babylon, we want to return and assimilate among the nations. This will be the end of us.

However, we fail to understand that the choice is now becoming more spiritual. After all, there are no big problems with corporeal differences: customs, the philosophy of Judaism, and education. In the modern world, everything is mixed up.

The question arises: Why is modern anti-Semitism rising and increasing everywhere, all over the world? This does not apply to culture, education, or statehood; it is a completely illogical, irrational, universal phenomenon that is above nature.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 1/9/20, ”The Jewish Choice: Unity or Anti-Semitism,” Chapter 6

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