Take A Look At The World With Altruistic Eyes

laitman_766.4Remark: There are two types of perception of the world. The first is through personal feeling and the brain of a person who perceives our world through their five sensory organs. The second is through the environment, when the individual views the world through the people around them.

The purpose of everyone in this world is to know the Creator. According to Kabbalah, one cannot explore the Creator through the usual five senses, but only through society, that is, society as sight, the aim, through which I look at the Creator. I cannot directly see Him, but if I learn to look through society, then I can clearly determine who the Creator is.

My Comment: The fact is that we need to defocus our vision, or rather, our sensations. Now we have them imprisoned for our egoistic fulfillment, and therefore, we do not feel the Creator.

We thus need to look at the world with altruistic eyes, that is, from the quality of bestowal. Let’s say the whole world is our little child, whom we madly love. Then how would we look at the world with love?

However, this is insufficient because we still would look at it egoistically. We need to look at it with altruistic love, meaning as if absolutely independent of ourselves. Now imagine instead of your child, who is the whole world for you, a stranger, and even better, a person you hate the most. You must thus defocus yourself, tear yourself away from your egoistic view of the world, through a prism that completely turns you inside out, and then through it, you will see the Creator.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 2/4/19

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