Super Glue To Adhere To The Creator

laitman_962.1If somebody interferes with me, then I should accept this as “help from the opposite,” which shows me where I have not yet cleaved to the Creator. Due to this interference, I get closer to the Creator, and therefore, I wish this person all the best, blessing for the bad as for the good. After all, it is due to these interferences that I have the opportunity to rise to the Creator each time. Without them, I would be unable to advance.

Therefore, on one hand, in corporeal life I must defend myself and fight against such interferences. But in essence, in my internal work, I fully accept them and thank for everything bad as good. It is such interferences that bring us correction, although they cost us a lot of effort, money, and time. The main thing is to relate to them correctly, that is, to launch a war against them in order to ask for adhesion with the Creator above them.

I understand that the Creator sent me these obstacles and I want to cleave to Him along with them. After all, my devotion to the Creator is verified by the force with which I cleave to Him. Let’s say, there is a load weighing 5 kg that I want to attach to the ceiling. To do this, I need glue that holds at least 5 kg and a little more, to be on the safe side. Therefore, I evaluate the strength of the glue by the weight of the load. If I stick the load and it falls, then the glue is weaker than the weight of the load; that is, my devotion to the Creator is less than the interference that He sent.

But if I ask the Creator to help me cleave to Him with a force greater than the interference and I cling to the ceiling with this whole problem, then I gain faith above reason, the force of adhesion, which is stronger than the interference felt within reason.

The glue I receive from the Creator is the light that comes to me at my request, the power of bestowal, Bina, with which I cling to the Creator in bestowal to Him. I want to cling to Him above this interference that pushes me away from Him so that all crimes will be covered by the love for the Creator.

But there is no righteous person who did not previously sin. We always fall, locking ourselves on the obstacle itself, on a person who is causing us problems or on the situations. We are never ready for an obstacle because each time it is new, a new Reshimo from the shattering is revealed. We are forced to fall and succumb to deception as if the problem did not come from the Creator. But already in the next moment, we need to return to the correct perception. This is called the “pinch of the devil”—a light pinch is enough to recover.

First, I cry out: “Ouch!” feeling the interference, and the second “Ouch!” already comes from the realization that this is not interference but the Creator who draws me to Himself. It all takes place in one go. The only answer to every obstacle is to cling to the Creator even more.1
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 8/24/19, “There is None Else Besides Him”
1 Minute 27:10

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