One On One

laitman_258The whole creation is one soul, one spiritual vessel (Kli), HaVaYaH, which does not change. It does take on all kinds of forms only in the perception of a person who comprehends it. Therefore in spiritual work, it is necessary to strive to see the whole world as a single whole in which the general and the particular are equal and everything is connected and clear within one system.

Therefore, each of us has to feel like a messenger of society, as responsible for everyone. Each includes the whole ten, the world, and in general, all the worlds. In essence, each of us is one person, and if he imagines and sees some external world around him, it is only because he has not yet achieved perfect perception in order to understand that he is the only creation, except for whom there is no one else, no one opposite the Creator—one on one.

Thus, we do exercises to feel like a steward, or a messenger of society, as the one responsible for everyone, or everyone is responsible for me, and so on. Everyone saves me, and I take care of everyone. And all this so that in my perception, understanding, and most importantly feeling, the difference between me, the society, and the ten disappears. All the distinctions made to my perception as a result of the shattering arranged above must disappear so that I would see the whole world as one system in ten Sefirot.

This is the goal, so all the scrutinies, analysis, and synthesis are aimed at combining all the details into one. First one needs to dismantle everything into small pieces to analyze what a “steward,” a “messenger of society,” and other roles and forms of the work are. In this way we figure out each role and then find out how to put everything together so that they complement each other in one system.

That is, every detail needs to be studied in terms of how to put everything together. Although we single out each role, program, quality, action, and supposedly investigate them separately, we must constantly check how to return them to the whole Kli from the ten Sefirot created by the Creator, into one HaVaYaH within the four stages of direct Light.1
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 11/26/18, “How Do We Organize Ourselves For Prayer”
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