Rosh HaShanah

laitman_283.02A “year” is a period from the beginning of creation to its end. It is written that a man called Adam was created on the eve of the new year, on Rosh HaShanah, and before that, the whole world was created. Therefore, within a year, we need to complete all the corrections, and if we do not succeed this year, then the next one comes.

A year is a complete cycle of states necessary to correct all of our properties. Therefore, our program for the next year is to reach a final, corrected state, and for this, it is necessary simply to awaken the Creator constantly so that He gives us strength to make corrections. We should not let Him go.1

Blowing the Shofar evokes mercy, the power of the good. Prayer, Shofar—all this is meant to awaken the upper level to make corrections in us.2
From the Daily Zohar Lesson 9/11/18, Zohar for All,  “Rosh HaShanah
1 Minute 25:30
2 Minute 28:54

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