From The Shattering To Understanding The Creator

laitman_243.03Question: Why is it that specifically due to the shattering one comes to understand the Creator?

Answer: Only after the shattering, from our broken desires, can we understand the Creator, because we have no choice. See how we perceive physical nature that exists around us. We live within it, but we do not understand it.

The spiritual world is given to us in a different form: only when we build it ourselves do we understand what we have attained, what we have done, and we construct it from the foundations, from the separate parts. This is how we attain the spiritual world. After all, the main thing for the Creator is that we attain, and when this attainment is complete, we feel spirituality in all of its depth, down to the last atom.
From the Conversation in Iceland 5/23/18

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