A Well-Tuned Symphony Of Light

laitman_260One needs a strong screen strength in order to receive the Light of Hochma for the sake of bestowal. The whole work of the spiritual Partzufim on correction consists of turning the state of Achor be Achor (back-to-back) to a state of Panim be Panim (face-to-face).

There is nothing more opposite than the male and female principles. When the spiritual Partzufim Aba and Ima, the supreme father and mother, turn face to face, they are the most opposite to each other. Therefore, there should be a tremendous force of love in order for the male and female principles to unite face to face and on equal grounds when they want to give to each other and to the lower.

This is impossible without mutual participation and common intention. And all this is done to please the Creator. “Face to face” means: according to the good will of the higher and the good will of the lower, at the good will of the father and the good will of the mother who want to give birth to a new spiritual level ZON to enjoy this higher power, the Creator.

By their nature they are opposite: Aba desires Hochma, and Ima desires Hassadim; the father seeks wisdom, and the mother seeks grace. But if they are able to rise above their nature, then all three together: Aba, Ima, and ZON become similar to Keter. All the nine lower Sefirot work in order to become similar to the highest—Keter.1

A Well-Tuned Symphony Of Light

The spiritual world works as one common organism that always strives to make maximal use of itself for the sake of bestowal. Therefore, it does not perceive its parts separately, but only on equal terms, as one. This is the Malchut of the world of Ein Sof, which constantly thinks about how to engage itself in order to achieve maximum bestowal.

In the higher Partzufim, there is such a polyphony of sounds, as if from Bach’s Well-Tempered Clavier. Two spiritual phenomena grow and develop parallel to each other, like two melodies, each in its direction and tonality, and in the end, they merge into one infinite harmony, a symphony of Light.2
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 8/29/18, Talmud Eser Sefirot, Vol. 2, Part 7,“Histaklut Pnimit,” Item 9
1 Minute 36:10
2 Minute 39:49

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