Blitz Of Kabbalah Tips – 12/17/17

laitman_623Question: If one day goes by without the wisdom of Kabbalah, I feel miserable. Why does Kabbalah have an influence on me like a drug that provides happiness?

Answer: This is because otherwise you would not be connected to a system that can fulfill you.

Question: If the world is perfect, and I am intentionally faulty, then quarrels and confrontations are unavoidable. So how do I balance the good with the bad within me like “plus” and “minus”?

Answer: In any case you should not condemn the good or the bad or elevate this or that, rather only try to achieve their mutual connection, adhesion, and completion. Perfection is found between us, in the middle line.

Question: In our world, are people who are altruistic egoists happier than people who are just egoists?

Answer: Egoistic altruists are still less limited. But to be an altruist in our world, one must be born like this or enter a society like that where they “brainwash” you, and then you will be able to become an altruist and enjoy it. But this is already a particular kind of persuasion, and not a person’s inner inspiration.

Question: What does it mean to acquire the characteristic of bestowal? Explain it regarding feelings as much as possible.

Answer: Ask a mother who is concerned about her baby how she is happy to give him something, to do something for him. See how she takes care of him, follows him, and constantly wants to touch him, to improve something. This is the beastly characteristic of bestowal that shows us that it is possible on the physical level. It is partial and temporary, but it is possible.

Question: What are your wishes for students?

Answer: You have to rush to and resolve everything in the middle line: issues at home, topics in the group, and even in the kitchen, at work, in your attitude to life, and most importantly—the relations between us. Do everything in the middle line—there is no bad and there is no good—there is only everything for the benefit of spiritual progress.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 12/17/17

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