How To Convince Someone Who Disagrees

laitman_543.02Question: How can you convince a person who categorically disagrees with you? Why don’t we feel the thoughts and feelings of other people through written messages? What is the algorithm of actions, thoughts, and desires?

Answer: If someone sends me something, he must very clearly imagine how I will consider his message in the way that is necessary for my egoistic existence.

Question: Does this mean that I always need to imagine the other and by imagining him, his way of thinking, to choose the words?

Answer: Yes. As far as by these words I am awakening the desire in him to adapt the message for his own benefit. That is, when I am sending the message, I need to imagine the interlocuter, his benefit, and adapt myself to him.

Question: How can you resolve a situation of conflict, when one agrees and the other does not? How do you resolve conflicts as a Kabbalist?

Answer: I do not resolve them. I embrace conflicts because eventually they advance me to the goal. I am grateful to all my opponents because thanks to them, I advance to the goal faster.

I do not need to satisfy or cajole them. No way! On the contrary, when they “poke” me that way, although it affects me very little, I am extremely grateful to them because then I begin to think: why, what for, how should I react correctly, why this was sent to me?

Everything a person experiences was sent to him by the Creator. All the puppets, dolls, that exist around me are just conductors of His message to me. Therefore, I appreciate them very much: for any message—good or bad. Moreover, I am happier with the bad since they leave a deeper impression in me, and in that way, I correct myself faster, more vigorously. There is nothing else in a person’s life and in the world but to connect everything that happens to him with the Creator. The fact that it seems to him that whatever happens comes from other people, from natural phenomena, or from anything else, is just a cover in which the Creator dresses until a person is ready for direct connection with Him.

Therefore, I look at life very positively. For me, a bad person can be more desirable than a good one. Any conflict is beneficial.

We always need to turn to the Creator who is behind both a person and the conflict and understand that whatever you do, feel, or decide is also the Creator, because He stands behind you too.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 2/13/18

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