The Meaning Of Life Is To Learn It’s Meaning

281.01Question: Aside from the main goal, to attain the upper world, are there other higher goals related to an individual’s natural talents and qualities which should be pursued while they haven’t yet developed the desire for the search of the upper world?

Answer: And why should the individual distract himself with anything? In order to be a great musician? Let’s say, I start to practice a musical instrument for 12 to 14 hours a day in order to play beautifully. Is this the meaning of my life?!

What do I achieve by this? A huge egoistic fulfillment. They bow to me, respect me, I become known, I earn a lot of money, I walk out onto the stage, everyone rises, applauds!

Remark: Not only that. People listen to the music and become uplifted.

My Comment: Yes, people cry out with joy, this is beautiful, and then what? Ultimately, I and my listeners will still die, and with that, everything ends. Is this the meaning of life?

All are caught in such a “mousetrap.” But there are people, Kabbalists, with a tremendous desire to know the essence of existence. They say: “We will not accept anything less, we need to attain the Creator! The meaning of life, the attainment of the point from which everything arises, and nothing less.”

Question: And if we would take into account the scientists, who, for example, developed interventions that save lives. And humanity has been using them for centuries. Isn’t there meaning in this?

Answer: They are simply improving people’s animal existence. No meaning exists in our world, there is no need in digging for it! We see what we are and how everything ends. People are born, live, and die, and this continues for generations as long as the earth bears us. There is nothing else. So is it worth discussing the meaning of the existence of protein matter on this planet?!

Question: So does it turn out that the meaning of life is to learn its meaning? Kabbalists say that it lies in adhesion with the Creator.

Answer: Of course. In this life. In this world.

You must attain the Creator, reveal Him, know Him. In the meantime, you attain the state of eternity and perfection, without dying, without identifying yourself with the body, which is left as an absolutely unnecessary part, a used part of a rocket.

You are obligated to achieve this and experience it clearly and in an obvious way, like a child who puts everything in his mouth because only through taste can he identify what it is. That’s why this is called Taamei Torah, “tastes of Light.”
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 1/28/18

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