Hastening Our Development

laitman_268.01A person gradually begins to sense that this world is controlled by one power that has the goal of bringing us to a specific state. This realization changes his entire life because he begins to relate differently to the study, the group, the teacher, and the methodology of Kabbalah, realizing that everything that happens is purposeful. Nothing happens accidentally. Everything is planned and develops according to a program in which nothing can be changed.

All the stages will be revealed in their own time, whether I want it or not. I can hasten my personal development, but I do not change my states in any essential way by doing so. I only experience them differently and they seem more pleasant to me. If I develop my reasoning, then I understand that everything happening is right and I agree with the path along which the Creator guides me. In life, there is nothing to change except our relationship to it.

We exist in a completely interconnected, ideal, integrated global system, which is called Adam (Human) or the world of Ein Sof (Infinity). This is a complete system of HaVaYaH, created by the Creator in order to give us the ability to experience the qualities of the Creator—love and bestowal. It must develop from a single point and bring us to complete perfection. 1

A person has to battle his enemies on the material level, as is customary in our world. At the same time, his main work is in changing himself internally so that “all his enemies repent” and turn into friends. In every person (and even in the inanimate, vegetative, and animal levels), one must try to see the actions of the Creator in relation to oneself.2

We draw the Light to ourselves only if we are engaged in a group because we exist in a closed system of the collective soul called Adam. If our actions are in accord with this system, then we awaken its inner force, the “upper Light.” This Light must be internal, but it currently exists for us as surrounding Light because we do not feel it within ourselves.

Light is drawn to us according to how much our actions are aimed at unity, connection, oneness, and mutual guarantee. You can work very hard and exert a great deal of effort to improve the world, but if it is not geared toward unity, it will not produce any positive results.

It is better to do less, but with the right intention. In other words, the main concern is the intention, and it must be directed toward unity so as to return our system of connection to the form of Adam, a single human in whom all is harmoniously interconnected.3

Looking at the world, we do not see anything external to us, but only that which exists within our hearts. The heart decides who I will see in front of me: the criminals or the righteous. “Everyone judges according to his own flaws,” so if I think that there are inadequacies in others, I must realize that these are my own inner qualities. I will see others either flawed or corrected only in proportion to the correction of my own heart.

The entire world exists in my heart. By correcting my heart, I correct the entire world and all people will appear to me as corrected. It is only in my own personal qualities that I hate, despise, or reject them. If I correct myself to an ideal state, then I will love the entire world.4

We need to praise the Creator as though we already exist on the highest and most corrected level. This is unnecessary for the Creator—we are incapable of adding anything to His perfection. But it is mandatory for us to correct our desire and achieve the state of the Creator.

If we pray or beg for something, it means that we disagree or argue with the Creator, since in each moment we receive from Him the optimal conditions for our advancement. All we need is to ask Him to give us the strength for speedy progress and not to complain about the passing states which come to us from the Creator’s absolute love.

If we ask for the state to change, it means that we reject the way the Creator relates to us. We need only ask for and demand the strength of our correction.5

Having changed myself, I change my state. But if I ask the Creator to change my state, it means that I blame Him for causing me harm. But if I want to change myself, then I do not care about what my state will be. What matters most is my connection to the Creator. I want to change specifically so that I do not blame the Creator from within my own egoism. Because if I feel that I am unhappy, by this I am cursing the Creator because I am dissatisfied with His control.6

We must constantly seek connection with the Creator, in every little detail. Since everything is done by the Creator, we need to insert Him into every action, even the simplest, most mechanical, or instinctive ones, as the cause, the deciding factor, of that action. Thanks to that, we reveal the perfection of the sole upper force in the entirety of creation. This is considered as the work of the human through which we give pleasure to the Creator, having placed Him as the ruler of all.

A person must understand that even the lowest states come to him from the Creator and give him the possibility to achieve adhesion within them.7

If we fail to perceive our descents as a necessary part of the path, it means that we have not reached a state in which we are able to justify them and see advancement in them. Every moment, the upper Light acts on us in proportion to our loyalty to the path, to unity, to building within us the system of connection. By virtue of this action we begin to understand more, feel the perfection of the system and of all of its connections, justify it, and feel that one force acts within it. This is a process of development that demands time, and most importantly, to not leave and not reduce the pressure.8

To have faith in the righteous means that the power of bestowal is revealed within me, giving me the ability to act accordingly.9

What I currently feel is called “reason,” my opinion. What I will feel and decide on the next level will be “above my reason,” and therefore is called faith. “Faith above reason” is the power of bestowal, which is stronger than the will to receive.

Right now, I act according to the will to receive within me. To rise higher, I need to act by the power of faith or bestowal. And so I ask to be given the strength from above to complete the action against my reason and in accordance with the reason of the higher level.

It is as if I rise to the higher level and exist within the upper, doing everything that is in Him. I take His reason, His opinion, and according to it, accomplish the action using my strength. This is called faith above reason.

The upper is a greater power of bestowal and faith than I have. But for him, all this exists “within reason,” attainment, and understanding. He attained the perfection of the global system, having been in the correct interconnection, which is called Adam, that is, a person similar to the Creator. This means that all the connections within this system are similar to the force of bestowal of the Creator. It is as if a computer corresponds to the program and the program begins to work within it.
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