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Dr. Michael LaitmanFrom My Facebook Page Michael Laitman 2/28/18

Today’s America is arguably the most individualistic and competitive society in the world.

In such a social climate of “every man for himself,” carrying a gun becomes an extension of the human ego. It can compensate for fears and insecurities, and help maintain a sense of safety and confidence. Therefore, we have to understand human nature when it comes to normative Americans who got used to feeling that the way to be protected or equal to others is to own a gun.

But when it comes to school shootings, we have to understand the stressors surrounding the American youth, their unique insecurities, and their emotional fragility.

So many teenagers are diagnosed as suffering from some strand of ADHD, anxiety, or depression. The mind-altering medications they take disconnect them from reality, and on top of that, American kids are being desensitized to obscene levels of violence between TV and movies, video games, and social media.

Is it really unthinkable that every now and then some of them will snap and erupt in horrific violence?

The way to treat the school shootings epidemic goes beyond laws and regulations. America must treat the deep cultural and social conditioning that breeds these events by initiating a massive federal educational program to infuse its kids with new examples, norms and values.

They need tools and guidance to better understand themselves and what they’re going through, to realize their potential and find their expression, and to forge meaningful and healthy connections with their peers. This socio-educational training should become the main thing they engage in, and are evaluated by, at school. In fact, their social sensibilities should become the initial qualification required for their participation in adult society.

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