Detriments And Benefits Of Fasting

laitman_559Question: Rambam spoke about the dangers of fasting. But we know many modern doctors and other specialists speak of its benefits. Who is right?

Answer: Fasting is an abnormal state for the body. For example, if not eating is necessary to correct their health, animals will stop eating, their bodies dictate them to fast. In all other cases, fasting is not recommended.

Things that are recommended are:

  • Do not overeat because that turns food into poison
  • Eat only when really hungry
  • You should walk at least ten minutes before eating
  • Never eat without any liquids
  • Do not overuse salt and spicy seasonings

Question: Isn’t fasting for spiritual reasons healthy for the body?

Answer: First of all, a fast is not an individual but a group action. In this case, it turns into a spiritual ascent—refraining from using your egoistic desires, which all together are elevated.

Question: But for the body, is it healthy or harmful?

Answer: If you do it together with others, then it is healthy.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 08/20/17

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