What Fills The Creator?

laitman_239Question: What fills the Creator?

Answer: The Creator is filled with our empty desires. He has enough Light. He needs a desire, a request for fulfilment. For example, a little boy asks his mother and she gives to him. How does he give her pleasure? He pleases her by asking.

Question: Do I feel that the Creator is filled?

Answer: You feel that He enjoys your request.

Question: Isn’t the Creator just a system?

Answer: Yes, but this system reacts. It is a bilateral system: you affect it and it affects you with feedback. This is the same as cursing your computer when it gives you problems. You introduce elements of your character into it so much that you are ready to hit it. Why? It is because you are interacting with another object.

I am not even talking about the fact that a gardener speaks to the flowers and they answer him back because he feels them.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 5/21/17

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