There Is No Holiness In Matter

laitman_738Question: Each phenomenon in our world has its own corresponding spiritual root. If we look at such phenomena as air, water, fire, then what is, for example, the spiritual root of fire?

Answer: The upper force is divided into four elements: water, air, fire, and earth. In reality, these are the four stages of direct light.

All the concepts in the spiritual have nothing to do with the same phenomena in our world. All that we read about in Kabbalah does not correspond to our world. We first need to identify clear connections between the upper worlds and ours, then we will see the interaction between root and branch and in what way the branch in our world can influence the root.

Question: On earth there are countless numbers of rocks. There are common stones and precious ones. There is gold and silver. What is the origin of these phenomena?

Answer: All metals that exist in nature in their natural form have their own spiritual roots. It is written about it in The Book of Zohar.

For example, gold is the material representation of the greatest egoism. That is why it is so valuable in our world. Silver is much smaller egoism. That is why silver cleanses.

But it is not useful to manipulate these concepts because just as in metals, so in all objects and phenomena of our world, including the individual and his body, there is nothing sacred.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian, 7/9/2017

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