On The Threshold Of A “Post-Egoistic” Era

laitman_928Humanity wants to know where it is and what it lives for, what the secret of life is, and what will be after it? Where do we come from when we are born into this world? Where do we go after we die? Do we exist only as animals who do not feel anything other than our own biological, material existence?

The latest developments in physics, chemistry, biology, and especially quantum mechanics are revealing new forms of existence; we are beginning to uncover more levels of complexity that our world possesses. Our world apparently consists of many dimensions, one inside the other, and contains a multitude of lifeforms, some as yet unknown to us.

We live in a minuscule fragment of reality, and it is very possible that this reality is not even real but is only generated in our very limited consciousness. It only seems to us as if we exist in physical bodies, in a large world, in a tremendous universe, but in essence, all this is but a representation within our minds. Quantum physics is already finding evidence for this.

This type of understanding is principally important in determining the way we relate to life. Just look at how powerfully religion changes a person’s world-view, when he believes that he lives in this world with the possibility to continue life after death in some other world.

A particular world-view can completely overturn ideas about life, leading to wars and conflicts, dividing and uniting people. This is the most important question because it brings meaning to our biological lives in this world and to that which is beyond this life’s limits as they appear to us.

That’s why it is very important to come to a correct perception of reality. And here we collide with resistance from the side of religion and other forms of faith-based practices, with the indecisiveness of people and with the sciences.

This subject is hushed and covered up; it is not pleasant to talk about it. Because, if we speak of this in the open, there will be resistance, it will completely turn upside-down the philosophy of life for people, it will change the way people relate to their existence and the meaning of life. And this is not an easy thing.

As yet, science has only just begun to guess at this and scientists are starting to speak about it a little. It is very good if people find out that our world is actually structured in an extraordinarily complex fashion and is just one of many worlds, that we can change ourselves and move from world to world, and all that is needed is to change our perception, our sensory organs.

When we move from one potential level and rise to another, we lose contact with this material life. We begin to perceive life completely differently: not limited by some hundred years, but endless in time and space, above all limitations.

If this evidence appeared in all sources of mass media, it would attract many to the study of the science of Kabbalah, because it is specifically Kabbalah that opens to each person the possibility of traveling between worlds.

The era of egoistic control is over. People have changed and already egoism cannot control them. Egoistic programming exhausted itself, and little by little we began to be liberated from the totalitarian control of the ego, from our consumerist attitude toward nature. And that’s why we feel ourselves less limited and we begin to sense and guess that there is something higher than our egoistic perception of the world.

I am very hopeful that ultimately we will reveal the truth. And then all will change: religion, faith-based practices, and the way people relate to life.
From KabTV’s “Discussion About Perception Of Reality,” 12/26/16

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