The Opportunity To Choose Your Destiny, Part 4

laitman_760.5Question: If a person’s entire life is fully programmed from beginning to end, why in every present moment is he given the feeling that he himself chooses his next step: whom to marry, where to live, what to do?

Answer: Otherwise, a person could not survive; he would kill himself if he knew that he is living like an animal that is controlled in every move. What would remain in his life—only to seek how to spend every moment in a more pleasant way and to suffer less? What is the meaning of such a life and who needs it?

Question: So it is deliberately concealed from me that my life is already completely programmed in all its details so that I would be interested in continuing my existence as if I myself choose something, but in fact, nothing depends on me. Do animals have such feelings?

Answer: No. An animal instinctively obeys nature’s orders without questioning, like a biological machine. A person, however, can ask: “What am I living for? Why do I exist in this way? Can I change my destiny or not?”

This already is the beginning of a human being, which separates him from an animal. He begins to rise above his animal existence to a higher level. He no longer wishes to live only to fill his needs like an animal, but he seeks a higher goal.

Question: What does it mean to become a positive element of the program, having the opportunity to influence your destiny?

Answer: We are allowed to tune into the program of life only on the condition that we would add positive forces to it, that is, if we raise this program from an animal level to a human one, making an “upgrade” of it. If I use my life for the sake of positively influencing the general program that operates on us, which is called the upper force, then I receive the opportunity to do it.

Then I have a positive influence on my own destiny, on everyone else, and on the program as a whole. I am able to change the movie of life and become a partner with the higher force, which governs this entire program.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” #886 on 7/25/17

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