Is It Possible To Enslave The Creator?

laitman_624.03Question: Is it possible to enslave the Creator on the way to the goal?

Answer: It is certainly possible to subjugate the Creator. The Creator is wholly devoted to us. He wants us to use Him 100%.

He only wants to serve our desires. This is why, in principle, He reveals Himself relative to us. On His part, there is no problem to be in complete bestowal to us—this is His essence. Therefore, there is really no point in subjugating Him. He initially arranges things in such a way so as to evoke in us the possibility for correction and ascent to His level. That is in the first place.

And second, the Creator is not some human image that can be subjugated, etc. It is a system—an immense mechanism composed of opposing positive and negative forces.

To the extent that we are similar to the Creator, that is, to the quality of bestowal, love, concern, and interconnectedness, to that extent we can evoke the positive influence of this system on ourselves
From a Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 5/21/17

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