Do We Need A Family In The Modern World?

laitman_543.02Question from Facebook: In the past, a family was created for economic reasons. Today, a person does not need a family to live and enjoy life. Moreover, it hinders him and just creates problems. So, why start a family?

Answer: Indeed, in the past a man needed a wife to serve him, children to help him in old age, a house to live in, friends, relatives—in general, the closest circle.

A person needed to be supported in trouble, in illness, and eventually be attended to at a funeral. And today he does not need this; there are all kinds of social services that deal with this.

Does one need a wife? No, he does not. He can have a new wife every day. Children? Why does he need children? They grow up and from the age of ten he hardly sees them, only when they ask for money. They have no regard for their parents, and he will not get help from them in old age either.

Today, a person is separated from his natural roots: family, wife, children, parents, and home. Even the place of work no longer is binding. In the past people worked in one place all their lives. Where is all this today?

Question: It turns out that society’s main cell, the family, no longer exists?

Answer: Unfortunately, no one wants anything. Women do not want to marry, do not want to have children, although by nature they have a desire for children, a husband, a family, and a home.

Question: So do we need a family in the long run or not?

Answer: Whether we need it or not need depends on the goal. If the goal justifies the means, then the means is necessary, and if not, then there’s no need for it.

Question: Do you mean that now humanity has such goals that it does not need a family?

Answer: Of course. But if I know that to achieve the goal I need a family, then I will create it and will cherish it.

Humanity must acquire a goal, and then it will understand how to live and whether it is necessary to live. Today, many people in the world are questioning whether it is worth living.

Separation of children from their parents is subconsciously taking place also because they are troubled by the question: “Why did my parents bring me into the world? So that I would hang out in life and suffer? I’m useless; nobody needs me—not me or others. Wait till I die? For this they gave birth to me? They enjoyed it, and they did it for their own delight, but I have no enjoyment from life. So give me some drugs and I will somehow exist.”

Question: What should be the goal in life for the sake of which a family is needed?

Answer: The goal for which a family is needed is to reach the next level of existence: complete, eternal, infinite, and giving absolute attainment. We cannot imagine this and do not even want to imagine it. We are tired of everything! That is why it is very difficult to explain this to people.

We need to break out of life for our own sake—this is our limitation. As soon as we feel that there is another method of existence, it will become much easier for us.

In this case, a family is needed because it is one of the systems of similarity to the upper system of nature. To move to the upper goal, one must get married, have a family and children, especially men.

And the goal is to reach the next level of existence, when we replace egoistic existence with an altruistic one. This reveals completely different depths of nature, existence in other dimensions, when not our universe is a home for us, but an entirely different universe.

Question: How are relations in the family adjusted then?

Answer: They are adjusted only in accordance with what a person sees as the goal of his upper existence. Guided by this, the family is kept and children are raised. Otherwise, nothing will exist.

Question: Does the concept of love exist in a family that has a purpose?

Answer: Love is the correct relationship that allows you to achieve this ultimate goal. And nothing more.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 5/15/17

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