The Work Of The Correction Of The World, Part 2

laitman_744Question: Why was the world created corrupted?

Answer: So we could correct it! After all, in the process of working on correction, we penetrate deep into the world and can explore it, and therefore, understand how it works and how it should work if it weren’t corrupted. That is, we reveal all of its internal laws.

Question: Wouldn’t it be better to initially have the world corrected and live a good life?

Answer: Not at all. If I get a device in good order, then I would only need to click on buttons to get what I want from it. But if this device is broken, then I have to go into it and study how it works, find out what is wrong and why, how to repair it, and how the device should function in working order.

So I get familiar with the whole system. As I am correcting it from beginning to end, I become its master.

Question: And why should we become masters of the system?

Answer: So that we can rule the world. Man has to understand and feel everything, and control the entire universe. Correcting the world means correcting a person, so I learn who I am and I can correct myself. The Creator allegedly spoiled me, but I correct myself. Through this, I will learn what the Creator did and what the right form should be. I align myself with Him in his work: He spoiled me and I corrected myself.

It turns out that I become equal to the Creator, rising up to His level. That is, the whole process of damage and correction is designed to raise a person to a higher level of reality and perception of the world to another life.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 6/13/17

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