Answers To Your Questions, Part 172

Laitman_032_02Question: Often, you give an example of a drop of semen from which a fetus develops. Human semen is a liquid with sperm within it. Nothing can develop from the sperm. Why give an example that sounds erroneous from a scientific point of view?

Answer: That is because this is precisely the way it sounds in the translation from all the Kabbalistic sources!

Question: When I began to study The Book of Zohar, questions popped up for me regarding the following assertion: the Creator has no desire to receive because He is whole. Does it follow that the Creator does not receive pleasure from filling us with pleasure? In this case, what does “for the sake of the Creator” mean? Is it for the sake of his pleasure? After all, He has no desire to receive.

Answer: Quite true, we cannot say that the Creator receives pleasure from fulfilling the creatures. We say this because we cannot describe these actions and relationships other than in the language of our physical feelings.

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