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laitman_282_01Question: Does the Creator view each of us as one cell of billions of cells in a gigantic body? Is that how He feels everyone?

Answer: Yes, but each cell is personal and unique,; therefore, a calculation is made with each one of them.

Question: What kind of a brain must the Creator have to follow everyone?!

Answer: This is not a brain, but a very simple system. Nothing changes in it.

During his time, there was a situation that perplexed and confused Lenin. To manage the nation according to the socialist principles and simultaneously maintain a financial balance, it would have been necessary to have more accountants than the entire population of Russia. It follows that if he were to employ the entire population of the nation in this, they still would not succeed in their calculations.

While today, with the help of computers, we are approaching a situation in which we are able to take everything in the world into account without the participation of people and there would also be no problems.

For example, the next generation needs to get only what it requires for existence on the level of the beastly body and everything else will be directed only toward involvement with spiritual development. So a calculation must be made regarding all of humanity so that each one will receive what he needs for a normal material existence in life. To do this, a single computer is enough, which will be managed by a robot.

What this means is that technology will advance toward a state where this will be realized, and this was impossible a hundred years ago.

Question: Does this mean that the Creator is a kind of computer?

Answer: This is the general system of nature. Once it worked with absolute connected and mutual precision, with total harmony between all its parts. Then all of the connections were broken. Today we must bring them back to the starting position, but with one small but significant addition, the logical and intelligent participation of all its existing parts, to the degree that they are ready to enter a reciprocal connection again.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 1/29/17

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