Ascent In Three Lines

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: You say that the task is to ascend above our egoism, as if on a “wave,” while, at the same time, not removing it. Does this mean that the greater the egoism, the greater the power of altruism? Can one not exist without the other? Because the more I receive, the more I can give. Is this the way to ascend to the peak of altruism and bestowal to the Creator?

Answer: Right, the ascent is achieved through three lines: the negative left line, the positive right line, and the perfect middle line. The Creator develops the left line in us, according to what He said: I created the evil inclination (the left line). But I gave you the Torah, (the correcting upper Light), which you attract by way of the group—the right line. It is so that you will correct and transform the evil into good, in the middle line.

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