Happy In This World And In The Next World

laitman_546_02“There will be happiness in this world” means that anyone who completes his release from the ego and acquires altruistic characteristics begins to live a life that is full of meaning, attaining wholeness, happiness, and everything good that is latent in the thought of creation.

A person even acquires the meaning of life in this world, and especially in the next world” (Introduction to the Study of Ten Sefirot).

The correct system is composed of two forces: the repulsive and the attractive. All of nature is based on these two forces, except for humans.

Therefore, we need to communicate between us, with ourselves, with others in the family, in a group, in a nation, and in the world, we must use a system that balances these two divine forces: the positive force and the negative force.

Herein lies the relevance of the wisdom of Kabbalah, and this is its uniqueness and strength: it gives us the opportunity to come to equilibrium in any system—in the family, in a team at work, in kindergarten, in school, in the framework of a single nation, and in the world.

Question: Must these two forces, reception and bestowal, be in balance in the connection between people in the sense that it is up to us to balance between how much I want to receive from you and how much I want to give to you?

Answer: Yes. We are not talking about annihilation of the ego, but only about the need to balance it correctly. It means that to the degree that you can use the positive force, you can also use the negative force.

On the one hand, there is the left line; on the other hand, there is the right line. The integration between them is in the middle, in the middle line.

The left line is the ego, the powerfully negative line. The right line is altruism (the characteristic of bestowal), the positive. The negative force draws everything to it, while the positive power bestows everything.
The middle line is specifically composed of the correct, balanced, mutual cooperation between them, like any technical system.


Everything must be in balance, but this balance and proper interaction doesn’t exist in human society.
The right line is missing in us and we must draw it to us with the help of the Ohr Makif (Surrounding Light).

Our main task is to draw the Ohr Makif. This is what the wisdom of Kabbalah deals with.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 10/2/16

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