Purpose Of The Mixed Multitude

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe implementation of the Torah starts from the fact that while reading it we begin to understand what it is calling for and what it represents, and then we move on.

Comment: But there is great resistance to it.

My Response: It is not resistance because everything comes from the broken desires that remained the same desires but without a screen, which counteracts egoism and raises it to its inverse state, that is, to the level of bestowal and love for others.

First, egoism should be revealed as a demonstration of its nature, a demonstration of evil. Naturally, at this stage, Kabbalists receive many obstacles that haunt them and are revealed as evil.

This also happened during the exodus of the people of Israel from Egypt. After all, it isn’t a stroll in the Sinai desert, but an escape from our egoism, separation from it, and elevation above it. Therefore, the desires that are called Egyptian were practically killed within a person. Pharaoh himself agreed to this and released them.

However, the so-called “mixed multitude” (Erev Rav) didn’t release them. These are people who think that they have another, more correct Torah. As it is written, they are “God-fearing servants of Pharaoh.” They are characterized by a dual state, when they, while being in this world, at the same time, wish to earn the next world—paradise, for their egoistic work.

“Tell us what to perform in this world without correcting ourselves,” this is the work of Pharaoh. Pharaoh says, “Why do you need all your problems? Work, do whatever you want. Pray, act, everything is open to you. The only thing that you shouldn’t do is correct yourselves. All the rest is in front of you; you will be respected and honored. You will possess the entire world.”

Unfortunately, or I would say, to great joy, our goal is to achieve connection with the Creator, integration and full equivalence with Him. It’s not just to perform physical commandments, movements, actions, and to consider that we will obtain this or the next world, or both worlds together for doing so; it is to rise to the state where we don’t need any rewards.

We want to receive the upper Light of correction that returns to the source, to the Creator, and to become fully equivalent to Him when we won’t have any personal desire left in us. It’s not that we pretend or don’t understand it because it manifests in us more and more, but we receive greater and greater strength to work against egoism from the upper Light.

In this case, we ascend 125 degrees to the level of the Creator. This is the implementation of the Kabbalistic method. Therefore, the main problem for those who don’t agree with advancement to the Creator in this world is the problem with the wisdom of Kabbalah.

It is necessary to do everything in order to reveal this wisdom to the wide circles of the Jewish people and the nations of the world. Baal HaSulam in the article “Messiah’s Shofar” writes that Kabbalah should be spread around the world even before the people of Israel begin to master it.

He calls to penetrate into it gradually, and then we will understand the need for it. After all, even Pharaoh understood what the realization of the method of correction of humanity is, and therefore he let the people of Israel out of Egypt. But it came to him with great difficulty, through heavy blows.

Therefore, obviously, now the opponents of Kabbalah dissemination will also receive big blows, and we must distribute it as widely as possible.

This is not an easy task with many challenges on our way.

Question: So, do you believe that the Kabbalists couldn’t confine themselves to the internal work alone?

Answer: No. During the exit from Egypt and also now, the “mixed multitude” (Erev Rav) will persecute people departing from Egypt (from their egoism) and rising to the correction. This is the army that Pharaoh sends after the Jews. His soldiers think that they are protecting the sanctity of the Torah and so they, by all means, prevent the spreading of Kabbalah.

In fact, the mixed multitude is the most ardent opponent of the ascent of humanity to the level of the Creator.

Question: The mixed multitude wanted the people to stay in Egypt. So why didn’t these people stay there, but instead they followed the others when they started to exit Egypt?

Answer: No, they stayed at first. But when they saw that the people already approached the Red Sea (Yam Suf), they chased after them. Without them, the people wouldn’t have made the crossing because they were afraid to go further when they approached the Red Sea.

Here they were supposed to rise by faith above reason, to put themselves into the power of the Creator, to make the first inclusion into Him. And in this they received help precisely from their pursuers who came very close to them.

This is when Nachshon was manifested, the special force that pulled everyone after it. However, if it were not for the negative force of the mixed multitude, the people of Israel wouldn’t be able to make the crossing.

The most important contradiction between them is: is it necessary to fulfill the Torah not for one’s sake, not in order to receive some material privileges, but only for the sake of one’s neighbor without any reward? If they agree to this, they are obliged to break through the Red Sea, and the so-called mixed multitude helps them in it by sharpening the problem. Then the conquering of the method of elevation to the Creator starts.

Unfortunately, the mixed multitude follows them and constantly spoils their lives. All the problems come only from it. In particular in the desert it incites the people to make the golden calf.

This is the force that must be corrected gradually, understanding that everything is done only by the upper force, and we need to interact correctly with all the obstacles that it brings to us in order to direct us to the correct goal. Therefore, all the obstacles have a clear direction, showing us how to advance.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 9/14/16

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