My Thoughts On Twitter, 5/14/17


#MothersDay2017– – the upper mind is the father, but the upper corrective force is the mother, guiding us toward correction and #success.

If the ghost of communism roams the #EU, shouldn’t the EU create a ministry to deal with its future practical implementation?

You cannot transform a man into a woman, or vice versa—their differences exist in every cell of their bodies and minds. #gendergaps

Soon we’ll be able to show everyone that we’re doing the most essential thing in our #world—its practical correction.

#MothersDay—Mother is the higher mind, the Creator, Nature, birthing and developing us, wanting to see us intelligent and happy, like Her.

While #machines took over heavy labor, man got smarter for smart work. Now machines are taking over smart work, and man will grow dumb…

Lag B’Omer is a Kabbalistic holiday, the attainment of the upper Light by Kabbalists who are united above the #ego, as taught by Kabbalah.

Hunger & population on the rise in Africa. This weighs on #Europe, but Europe will die if it accepts them. Do you stop immigration, and how?
From Twitter, 5/14/17

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